About me …

Hello, my name is Kirill.

The most favourite hobbies is aircraft modeling, designing of mechanisms and automation of management systems.

In 2012 I was fond of aircraft modeling and began studying of SAPR Solidworks and Rhinoceros for designing of models of radio controlled aircrafts. By this moment I had a long experience of work in AutoCAD, designed linear electric circuits for houses, schemes of automatic equipment of control of production machines, plans of rooms, buildings, furniture, details, assemblies. Since 2006 few years I gave private lessons to beginners for work start when the organizations began to integration of the CAD software. In comparison with Solidworks, development in AutoCAD is huge work. Though AutoCAD at least powerful tool for development, I nevertheless decided to stop on SolidWorks, since it met my many requirements in relation to CAD. However, I need to use rather wide range of software for a covering of all needs for development and design.

At the end of 2014, as the lead designer, I began to accompany a construction of a platform of simulation of flight of a passenger liner of Boeing 737NG. During this time I spent about 700 hours for development about 400 names of details for a platform, it not including other projects. Thanks to such amount of work I found optimum and effective methods of creation of models in Solidworks, and also the statistical and dynamic analysis, a conclusion of drawings, stl of models, entrance files for CNC and managing programs for them. At all stages of a construction of a platform I came into contacts with outer contractors, I exercised quality control of the details made on the party.

In process of development of a platform, I needed to study in more details into programming on the C ++ and Arduino. It was necessary for search of non-standard decisions, developed several plat and devices. For production of printed circuit boards at first I mastered Sprint-Layout Sowtware, further I passed to Proteus Software with use of simulation of operation of electronic devices with the microcontroller. Several PCB remain at a prototype stage, at the moment work of prototypes is stable.

In parallel with designing of a platform I studeid a 3D-printing, turning and milling case, work on machines with CNC. I made the CNC turning-machine under management MACH3 for production of small details of a tree, the main objective was to understand the principles of work and engineering procedure from designing to an exit of details. Later I bought TV-16 and modernized on CNC. On it I tested working MACH3 and Arduino Marlin. In the future I plan to test LinuxCNC.

In 2016 I developed the easy budgetary machine for dissolution of sheet metal up to 6 mm thick with an accuracy of 0,5 mm. Installation of the device of plasma cutting type BRIMA CUT-40. Also is possible installation of semi-automatic welding machine for drawing art seams and ornaments. As a drive gear step engines in a complex with a belt reducer and the gear rack-and-pinion are used that allows to cut down expenses on construction of the machine with the working field of 2600х1290 mm.

Some time I designed small private houses in ArchiCAD, I tested also SW in this case. SW isn’t suitable for these purposes at all, the speed of work is very longer, nevertheless is SW more for mechanical engineering.

Now I change the direction, future behind robotics, I study material, I prepare base, schemes, I develop algorithms for creation of the 6-axial RoboticArm on the brushless motors with full feedback and the interactive interface. With pleasure I will work in this direction in team of purposeful and gifted people, mainly in international.

The list of the used software: SolidWorks, SolidCAM, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Proteus, Sprint-Layout, CorelDraw, ArchiCAD, NI Circuit, MACH3, ArtCAM, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Arduino IDE, Fritzing, Cura, FreeCAD.